Engineering Services

Engineering Services – Evolution  At System Controls :

Our engineering services was started to support product and system development for projects executed at System Controls over period of 30 years we have successfully designed and analyzed many engineering systems for defence and aerospace applications.

Now with best practices implemented for Project Management, Engineering Methodology and Database Management. We deliver designs on-time to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting Quality, Reliability and Cost targets with engineering excellence initiative we were successful to achieve consistency, simplicity and quality of engineering and design tasks. To achieve engineering excellence we apply processes, tools and standards developed for executing the projects for Aerospace and Defence applications.

Using balance scorecard approach key performance indices are monitored to plan and implement continual improvement to meet quality objectives. 

Embedded Software Engineering Services – Approach

Our processes, tools and standards enable us to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively during the workflow to achieve best results and to achieve Customer Satisfaction

Latest development and simulation tools are used to confirm that our designs can meet customer requirements :

  1. Development Tools : Lab View, Matlab, AVR studio and CCS studio
  2. Simulation Tools : Lab view, Matlab
  3. Embedded Electronics Design : OrCAD, Viewmate
  4. GUI Development Tools : VB, QT and Labview
  5. Project Management to plan and track activities to meet schedule and to manage risks
  6. Database Management to store design data using Solidworks EPDM software
Embedded Software Engineering Services – Expertise :

We are team of 18 experienced engineers with Masters and bachelors degree in Electronics and Software engineering. Our expertise is in the area of :

  1. Motion Control Systems

    Design of control systems for precise control of position and velocity by using control system algorithms and appropriate feedback devices.

  2. Defence And Aerospace Applications

    Design and development of embedded systems using latest technologies and standards for Integrating High-Reliability, High-Performance Systems.  

  3. Surveillance And Tracking Systems

    Surveillance and Tracking Systems with Pan-Tilt-Zoom video tracking capabilities are designed by implementing real-time embedded software.

  4. Imaging Systems

    Design and development of electro-optics and software modules for acquisition of images using diffrent imaging algorithms and sensors.

  5. Automotive Engineering

    Wide range of product development support to the automotive industry with support from design and development.

  6. Industrial Automation

    Design and supply of automation systems with various drives, PLC systems, HMI and SCADA systems.

  7. Embedded Software Database Management

    Embedded software Database Management with configuration control and revision control.

  8. Embedded Software System Testing

    Embedded electronics development and integration testing with embedded software.

Award For Excellence In Aerospace