Steerable Antenna Pedestal and Rate Table

Steerable Antenna Pedestal System Controls developed for avionics preparation vehicle consists of Azimuth Drive, Elevation System and controllers for both axis. Azimuth is a continuously rotating system with zero backslash Harmonic Drive, motor and encoder. Elevation drive for the required angle is actuated through a linear actuator. Slip rings and rotary joints are provided to terminate the RF and control signals for the motors. Both axis are controlled through RS232 communication as per user-defined protocol.A portable rate table is ideally suited for the field calibration of gyroscopes, accelerometers and other precision sensors, used in aeronautical and aerospace measurements.

The Portable Rate Table offered uses a high-resolution incremental encoder (with a resolution of 0.0018 deg) mounted directly on the shaft. The speed is controlled with a fast response control loop using a Digital high power drive. A RISC processor provides for command entries through a keyboard and display the instantaneous rate once in two seconds. Facility is also provided for control of rate using external analog signals. The table provided diameter of 250 mm and holes have been provided as below for fixing the external device under test.

Award For Excellence In Aerospace