This is a vehicle-mounted, mobile System, wherein all the sub-systems are integrated in a TATA LPTA-715 Vehicle and carrying out its tasks at required deployment sites.    Also prior to integration of the Sub-systems in the Vehicle, the same are required to be integrated on a Mobile Trailer for experimentation purposes.   As the System consists of very precision and   sophisticated optical modules, design and development has to ensure that factors like optical alignment, isolation from vibration, modification of    Vehicle for optimizing the available space etc. have   been properly taken care of.   As LIDAR System is meant for Defence applications, it has to meet severe and stringent      Defence Standards as applicable to Mobile Systems

LIDAR System comprises of the following modules:

  • Electro-Optical Payloads consisting of Scanning Mirror, CCD Camera & IR
  • Two Axis Gimbal Assembly
  • Motorized Weather-proof Dome
  • Custom-built Equipment Shelter (Housing Laser Source, Optical Bench, Receiver Telescope , 19 inches Racks for electronics, Rugged Displays, Controlling Unit, Rugged Generator, Air Conditioners, UPS,  , Operators Furniture etc.)
  • TATA LPTA 715 Vehicle

Award For Excellence In Aerospace