PCM Telemetry Card

The Programmable PCM Encoder Module is of PMC Form Factor, Conduction Cooled and will meet Airborne Military Ruggedization Standards. The PCM Encoder module is a PCI module with the IEEE 1386 PMC (PCI mezzanine card) form factor.

The Module Incorporates The Electronics To:
  1. Get configure the Frame format set
  2. Accept the PCI burst data
  3. To format the input data with the Frame Sync Pattern, Frame ID, RTC
  4. Output the data with the programmed data rate
  5. Analog form with the pre-modulation filter response of 30 dB down noise.
This Data Is Available In The Following Type:
  1. Non Return to Zero Level
  2. Non Return to Zero Mark
  3. Non Return to Zero Space
  4. Bi-phase Level
  5. Bi-phase Mark
  6. Bi-phase Space
  7. Digital form compatible with TTL signal levels
The Module Is Complied With The Following Standards:
  1. MIL-STD-461C : EMI/EMC standard
  2. IEEE 1386.1(2001): PMC Standard
  3. IEEE 1386(2001) : CMC Standard
  4. VITA 20-2001 : Conduction cooling specification
  5. DOD-STD-2167A : Military Standard for Software Development
  6. IRIG 106 : PCM Telemetry Standard
  7. PCI r 2.2 : Specification for PCI

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