The LVDT Test bench

The LVDT Test bench is designed to provide quick and accurate calibration of linear position transducers, this adaptable system makes calibration fast programmed through the serial port of a computer, system’s embedded micro controller performs hands off motion control, data acquisition and analysis.

This allows linear displacement calibrations to be performed more often, and in finer increments, than was practical with older, manual calibration methods. Test bench also eliminates the potential errors associated with manual data recording.

These advances can greatly improve the quality of transducer data for research and production control. Test bench reads linear position information directly from a Fagor make digital linear scale with 5-micron resolution. The controller then moves in precise increments, according to PC’s instructions. At each increment, analog signals from the transducer under test are displayed on a 6 1/2-digit multimeter. Calibration files are saved on to the disk for archiving and statistical analysis. Routines for finding linear slopes and non-linearities are included in the system software package.

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