Antenna Tracking Pedestal

The dual Axes Antenna Tracking pedestal can give precise dynamic motion in both Azimuth and Elevation Axes. It will position the antenna towards another antenna, which is the different geographical location. It incorporates GPS and North seeker to automatically align with remote antenna. The product is a ruggedized for mounting on mobile trucks with telescope mast upto 25 meters.

Technical Specifications:
Range 0°to +/- 180° in Azimuth,15°to -15°in Elevation
Accuracy 0.10
Resolution 0.050
Payload (Antenna) on the scanner 20 kg
Scan rate 0°to 60°/Sec
Equipment Weight Less Than 7 kgs
No. of Axes 2 (Azimuth & Elevation)
Angular Accuracy + 0.050
Power Consumption Less Than 40 Watts
Communication RS485 AND Rs232