2 Axis Electro Optic Pedestal

Two  Axes  Electro Optic  pedestal is a stand-alone system for providing continuous rotation motion as defined  by  commands. The pedestal is elevation over azimuth  assembly as  shown in  the  figure . The  elevation  assembly has got the interface brackets on either side  to mount the  cameras. Azimuth  housing  consists of a powerful DC motor with a  precision  gear  mechanism  coupled to the  azimuth shaft. Similarly another DC motor with  precision gear is coupled  to elevation  shaft, which hold interface  brackets  on  either  side. There  is a slip ring  in the azimuth assembly for feeding signal and  power lines to the elevation drive and payloads.

Drive Specifications:
Azimuth N x 360°
Elevation -5°to +15°
Payload Max 45 kg
Weight* 25 kg
Angular Accuracy +0.01
Scan Rate:
Azimuth 1°/Sec to 180°/sec
Elevation 1°/sec to 90°/sec
Communication RS422 & MIL-STD 1553B
Power Supply 28VDC