Automated Video Tracker

In the Pan and tilt system, Tracking camera and laser source mounted on the two axes pedestal is used to track the object. The laser is used to illuminate the object in the track axis. The pedestal is an elevation over azimuth configuration. Closed loop motion control of pan tilt pedestal in each axis will keep the object tracked continuously. The CCD camera images the object in the field of view. These images are acquired through a frame grabber at fast rate. The frames are image processed to identify the required features of the object field. The tracking algorithm can operate in centroid, correlation or edge detection modes and can generate error angles with respect to reference to the object centre.

Highlights :
  1. Tracking camera with 22x Zoom
  2. Large-field acquisition camera
  3. 3-5 micro meter band IR camera
  4. Automatic locking
  5. Manual control joystick embedded with adjustable sensitivity
  6. Real-time measurements
Technical Specifications :
  1. Degree of freedom – Two axis
  2. Azimuth          : ±90° (optional continuous rotation)
  3. Elevation         : -15° to 60°
  4. Maximum angular speed in elevation and relative bearing 1rad/sec
  5. Maximum angular acceleration in elevation and relative bearing 2rad/sec^2
  6. Distance from scene : 700m to 15km
  7. Detecting a missile at a distance of 5km with a IR surface area equivalent to 1m^2
  8. Maximum payload of 60kg : Laser source and two CCD camera with Zoom lens
Application Areas :
  1. Mounted on telescopic mount for mobile communications
  2. Homeland Surveillance Systems
  3. RADAR Surveillance Systems
  4. Electro Optics / IR Surveillance
  5. Airborne Surveillance

Award For Excellence In Aerospace