Computer-Aided-Design (CAD)

At System Controls, we offer CAD services for the assembly line and manufacturing industry. Using both 2D and 3D effectively, our experienced team of 3D CAD experts develop high-end drawings and models to enhance a concept. When we design, every minute detail is captured and is in strict adherence to international standards and can align to the latest testing method to check effectiveness of a product.

Offerings :
  1. 2D-Drawing
  2. Assembly Drawing
  3. Manufacturing Drawing
  4. 3D-Solid model
  5. Surface model
Assembly Model Standards And Certifications:
  1. ISO
  2. DIN
  3. ASM Y14.5
Software Used :
  1. Catia
  2. Pro/E
  3. Unigraphics
  4. Solid Works
  5. AutoCAD

Award For Excellence In Aerospace