System Controls is one of the few companies who have the answer to every aspect of system integration and engineering. These developments include mechanical engineering, motion control technologies, embedded systems and application software sophisticating the huge domain of defence. We also contribute to the ever-growing R&D fields through significant investments.

Below are some of the projects which has been developed by SCTSPL.

  1. BFSR-SR
  2. Low-level Light-weight Radar Pedestal
  3. Antenna Tracking Pedesta
  4. Rugged Pedestal
  5. Steerable Antenna Pedestal and Rate Table
  6. Pan and Tilt Unit with Automatic Video Tracking capability
  7. 2 axis Electro Optic Pedestal
  8. Positioner System for Electro-optic Payload
  9. Automated Video Tracker
  10. Laser Imaging System
  11. Laser Optical Module
  12. LORDS
  13. LIDAR

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