Embedded System Design and Development

With the expertise to handle the product lifecycle from concept to completion,embeded we offer customised embedded systems and product development. Also includedare re-engineering services which are aimed at lowering manufacturing costs and correct existing design flaws.

* Well-equipped Lab: Our world-class embedded technology labs are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and communication network environments for development on multiple embedded processors and controllers from leading vendors.Some of  our vendors include StrongARM, SH3/SH4, x86, PowerPC, XScale and DSP’s.

* Development Tools: We are also equipped with development tools for various RTOSes, in particular VxWorks, Linux and WinCE environments, and software tools. We have developed BSP for a variety of hardware boards, including development/porting of the device-drivers for various peripherals.

These include Serial Communication Ports (RS232, RS485, RS422), MIL1553B, ARINC 429, Ethernet        Communication, Graphics-Display Controller, Touch Pad Controller, PCI/PCMCIA/USB/ATA bus-architectures, Audio/Video drivers, etc.

Services are:

ASIC/FPGA Design and Verification

PCB Design & Prototyping

Firmware,Driver & Custom Software Development

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