The Laser Imaging System is a laser based active imaging system with additional feature of coordinate estimation of the target. The retro-reflected laser illuminated beam from the target optics will be acquired by the front end optics of the receiver and will be read by the image sensor. The video output generated from the sensor will be interfaced to a micro display with ocular and simultaneously to an external display. The final image and the target coordinates will be viewed through a monocular as well as a five inch external display, at the user’s discretion. The LASER retro-reflected spot is detected and the exact location of the reflected spot is estimated through LRF, DMC and GPS readings. All the range / coordinate information will be fused together to evaluate the target coordinates and will be displayed on the display screens. The system will have variable collimation for the laser transmitter, slaved with real time FOV of the Imaging Camera.

Photographs Of The Laser Imaging System Are Shown Below :