A customized Laser Optical Module has been designed and realized for LASTEC, Delhi. The LOM, which is an important module for Project LORDS, is a power house to generate high power solid state meant for focusing high power on a target. The unit consists of Diode Array Stacks, 2-axis Mirror Mount, Beam Director Lens Assembly, which are housed in rugged opto-mechanical housing.

The Laser Optics Module(lom) Assembly Consists Of :
  1. Housing for diode array stacks
  2. Precious 2 axis mirrormount with high accuracy in arc seconds
  3. Beam director lens assembly
  4. Opto-mechanical housing to enclose all the optical assemblies that must be hermetically sealed


Operating Temperature  100°C to 108°C
Storage Temperature    -20°C to 70°C
Glass Transition Temperature  More than 150°C
CTE  CTE closer to bonding elements
Bonding Material  Glass to Metal
Bonding Surface  Crystal to Metal
Flexible or Rigid Bond   Glass/Crystal to Metal
Type of Curing    Rigid
Curing Temperature    Room Temperature
Exposed to chemical   Room Temperature
Resistant for corrosion    No
Thermal Conductivity    Yes
Type of Bond     Semi liquid
Shelf life       1 year
Functional Parameters :
Laser Output Power 1kW
Laser Wavelength  1064nm 
Beam Director Aperture    20cm
Laser Focusing Range 30-250 meter
Green Aiming Laser Power 300mW

Colour CCD Camera with Zoom Lens Laser range finder assisted focusing.

Award For Excellence In Aerospace