Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services – Approach

Our processes, tools and standards enable us to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively during the workflow to achieve best results and to achieve customer satisfaction. Latest modelling and prediction tools are used to confirm that our designs can meet customer requirements :

  1. CAD : Unigraphics, Solidworks, Pro/e
  2. Multibody Dynamics : Solidworks
  3. FEA Analysis : Nastran
  4. System Dynamics Performance Prediction : Matlab
  5. Design Analysis And Tolerance Stackup Analysis :
    Excel based design calculators.
    Engineering methodology is followed to apply latest tools to study quality, reliability and feasibility of designs Customer spec Kano analysis and competition analysis.
    Concept design study using Pugh Matrix.
    Design feasibility study using DFMA.
    Design verification plan ( DVP ).
    Database management using Solid works EPDM software.
Mechanical Engineering Services – Expertise :

We are team of 15 experienced engineers with Masters and bachelors degree in Aerospace, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. Our expertise is in the area of :

  1. Design Of Electro-mechanical Systems

    Design of Electro-mechanical systems with motors, gearheads and sensors to meet system operating specs.

  2. Mechanical Structural And Mechanism Design

    Design of structural assemblies and mechanisms to achieve designs without failure risks.

  3. Design Database Management

    Design Database Management with configuration control and revision control

  4. Prototype Development And Testing

    Prototype development, Acceptance test and Qualification test planning and execution.

Mechanical Engineering Services :

 Our Mechanical Engineering Services Are In The Area Of :

  1. Electro Mechanical Actuator design and analysis.
  2. Engineering Analysis- Multi-body Dynamics.
  3. Engineering Analysis- FEA.
  4. CAD design and database management.
  5. Design feasibility analysis for manufacturing and assembly cost.
  6. Prototype development and testing.

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