Dual Filament Landing Light

Designed, Developed and Manufactured to meet the requirement of Landing / Search Light for low speed air-borne platform Helicopter. Precision rugged steel gear trains are housed in a compact package for retraction, extension and rotation. Powered by heavy duty DC motors through highly reliable slip-ring mechanism to withstand wind loads. Limit switches are used to cut OFF / ON the power supply as required. DFLL can be rotated through 360 degrees with high power visible / Infrared Light selected ON in the extended position.

  1. Two Axes
  2. Retrction/Extension/Rotation
  3. Landing/Serch/Rescue
  4. Visible and IR Spectrum
  5. High Intensity Light
  6. Compact/Rugged/Light weight
  7. All Weather resistant
Salient Specifications:
Number Of Axes:
Extension/Retraction Angle 2 Axes
Angle 0° to 120°<
Time for Extension at 180 knots   12 seconds
Angle N X 360°
Time for 360° at 180 knots 15 seconds
Operating Conditions:
Operating Temperature – 45° C to + 71°
Maximum Platform Speed C330 km/hr
Environmental Condition
Weight 3 Kg.
Visible Mode
Reflector Parabolic
Peak Light Output 300,000 cd
Beam Spread 14° H / 8° V
Infra Red Mode
Beam Angle < 1 CP
Electrical :
Visible Mode
Power Supply 28V DC
Power Consumption (Visible Mode) 250W
Power Consumption (IR Mode) 10.8W
Interface Command signals from cockpit

Award For Excellence In Aerospace