Wifi Challenges & Solutions

Wifi Challenges & Solutions:

WiFi Coverage Area:

Indoor – the wifi signals may not cover the internal areas of a building with more number of walls deep inside the building. Additional Access are needed in such cases to cover the full area with WiFi without interruption.

Outdoor –

High density of trees and metal grills and pillars in the LOS may result in week WiFi signals. Based on the height and density of these obstruction, designing the position of the Access is a critical parameter in resolving the issue.

Complex Installation & Management:

High power Access points require fewer nodes to cover a given area and slow WiFi Service to be offered in areas where cabling doesn’t exists. Access points can be remotely managed and monitored through the network.

  • No. Of Access Points: By using directional antennas over the conventional omnidirectional antennas the number of Access points can be reduced.
  • Stable Wifi Connectivity: By implementing Mesh topology the wifi signal stability is maintained for a roaming client ensuring stable connectivity and performance.

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