Rugged Pedestal (IGLA Pedestal)

The rugged mil qualified Dual Axes Post/ T-bar type Pedestal in which the pedestal mounting supports the director head high on the platform. Based on digital servo amplifiers it can position the director head very precisely.   It has accurate angular motion control system. It gives required azimuth and elevation motion for the Electro optical payloads like CCD/IR Camera, Thermal Imagers and LRF mounted on the top of suitable platform.

Technical Specifications:
Azimuth Angular Rate 150º/Sec.
Azimuth Angular Accuracy 0.1º
Elevation Movement 120º
Elevation Angular Rate 30º/Sec
Elevation Angular Accuracy 0.1º
Payload 100 Kg.
Weight 30 Kg.
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Angular Accuracy ± 0.050º
Power Consumption 500 Watts.

Award For Excellence In Aerospace