Yaw Compensator

The Yaw Compensator for Aerostat applications for LRDE, proposed by System Controls is based on digital servo system and associated electronics with suitable mechanical construction for mounting Radar Scanner Assembly of BFSR-SR Radar with Patch Array Antenna, to provide stable and accurate attitude/ Yaw compensated control system.

The Radar Antenna Assembly suspended from Aerostat is subjected to twists/ sway and motions in the space due to surrounding wind and random Aerostat movements etc. The Yaw Compensator assembly is positioned in between the Aerostat and the Radar Scanner/Antenna to provide the requisite compensation or corrections to the Radar antenna in Azimuth axis, for movements or sway in pitch and roll axes. This correction/Compensation is required to enable the Antenna to be always positioned in the direction of target unaffected by external forces.

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