Stabilized System / Pedestals for Battle Field Surveillance Radar

SCTSPL has designed the Scanner, for BFSR-SR, which is the hub of operation of the antenna in Azimuth and Elevation. The Scanner is designed to achieve optimization through low power consumption, lesser weight and high accuracy.Closed loop digital control system with software programmable features is available and various features are provided for reading the position, velocity and setting the velocity. The development unit was designed by LRDE and commercialized by BEL Bangalore and 1700 Nos. have been inducted into the army within the short span of 03 years.

Drive Specifications:
Payload 15 Kg. Max.
Azimuth 0º to 358º Stopper to limit angle.
Scan Rate 0º/Sec  to 358º/Sec
Angular Accuracy ± 0.05º
Weight Less than 7 Kg.
Elevation – 40º to + 15º
Accuracy 0.5º
Power Supply 24 VDC
Power Consumption Less than 10 Watts

Award For Excellence In Aerospace