Automotive Embedded Systems

Automotive Embedded Systems

Automotive Embedded Systems

 Automotive Embedded Systems – Product Description


System Controls is one of the prominent manufacturer and supplier of Automotive Embedded Systems. Our clients can avail a wide range of Embedded Systems, which is specially designed to perform one or few dedicated functions, often with real time computing constraints. Comprising hardware & mechanical parts, Automotive Embedded Systems is as a part of complete device. It can be used to control many devices in common use. An embedded systems applications may be controlled by  main processing units, that are either micro controllers or digital signal processors(DSP). One of its features include the capability to handle a particular task, which requires a very powerful processors. Clients can avail embedded control systems at reasonable price.

Embedded Technology is the most popular technology that introduces advanced technologies & solutions for emerging embedded systems development, including automotive, wireless computing and factory automation. With the expertise to handle the product lifecycle from concept to completion, we offer customized embedded systems.  Also included are re-engineering services which are aimed at lowering manufacturing costs and correct existing design flaws. Our world class embedded technology labs are equipped with state of  art infrastructure  & communication network environments for development on multiple embedded processors and controllers from leading vendors. Some of  our vendors include Strong ARM, SH3/SH4, x86, PowerPC, XScale and DSP’s. We approach in a flexible manner that provides low cost and effective solutions to suit different requirements. Our clients can expect embedded solutions with reduced time to market without compromising on quality. Our domain knowledge spreads from PC standards, peripherals, consumer electronics, and automotive, bio-medical, networking and embedded web servers. Our expertise are building Automotive Embedded Systems over wide range of real time operating systems, porting & adopting RTOS to suit embedded applications, hardware design & development, writing device drivers & firmware development.

Business type of Automotive Embedded Systems Company: Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Areas covered by Automotive Embedded Systems Company: All over India

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