Industry Verticals

Industry Verticals

System Controls made its foray into engineering services through a range of

industry velticlsdisciplines. Over the years, we have developed our expertise in industrial, mechanical, electrical, software engineering and marketing.

With the high level of emphasis on research and development along with the discovery of various technologies and materials some of the niche verticals are riding this wave to help them stay abreast through technological prowess.

At System Controls, we are passionate about our portfolio. Our services are used in some of the most sensitive and classified industries. With our multi-skilled and multifaceted professionals, we find ourselves making significant contributions and also supportive of the industry.

With high quality and technologically advanced products, we make sure the solutions we offer are complete and futuristic. Our experience has helped us widen our horizon and our services are rendered to high-end industries like aerospace, defence, railways, general automotive and industrial automation.

Award For Excellence In Aerospace