Antenna Positioner for Medium Range Surface To Air Missile [MRSAM]

MRSAM System is for deployment for the security of the National Capital Region as well as for securing nuclear installations across the country.  The missiles are capable of intercepting enemy aircraft and missiles within a range of 70 -Km.

The Block Diagram given below shows the Pedestal Configuration for MRSAM.     It is a stand-alone system for providing continuous rotation motion for Antenna having a size L=3500mm*H=3500mm*W=300mm and weighing around 120kg. It operates at different RPMs from 1 to 60 as defined by commands. The top portion of the Pedestal has the Antenna Interface Plate (AIP), which is used for interfacing the MRSAM Radar Antenna with the Pedestal.   The Bottom portion of the pedestal has a mechanical interfacing facility to mount the Pedestal on the Quodripod.   Pedestal housing consists of a powerful AC Servo motor with a precision gear mechanism coupled to Rotary Joint cum Slip ring and AIP.   Rotary Joint cum Slip ring is used to transfer the DC power and the communication signal between the rotary and the stationary part, via circular connector J1 & J16.

Antenna Positioner for Medium Range Surface To Air Missile

Pedestal can be operated in two modes,

Azimuth Continuous Mode:

Azimuth Continuous Mode is used to rotate the MRSAM Antenna at different speed ranging from 1 to 60 RPM.

Azimuth Position Mode:

Azimuth Position mode is used to position the MRSAM Antenna from 0º to 360º.

System Specification:


Azimuth N x 360º
Elevation – 5º to + 15º
Orthogonal < 3 mrad
Payload 10 Kg. Max.
Azimuth Scanner Weight < 15 Kg.
Angular accuracy Scan Rate ± 0.1º
Azimuth 1º/sec to180º/sec
Elevation 1º/sec to 90º/sec
Communication RS422 & MIL Std. 1553B
Power Supply 28 VDC
Power Consumption < 500 W
Payload 120 Kg (± 10%)
Weight of Pedestal Less than 80 Kg.
Rotation N x 360º (CW and CCW Continuous)
Position Range 1 to 60 RPM
Position Accuracy ±  0.1º
Readout Accuracy ±  0.1º
Manual Controls CW,CCW operations
Continuous Torque 150 Nm
Input Supply 3 Phase 430V AC supply

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